Ravinder Sajwan

Chief Executive Officer and Board Member
Renew Group Private Limited

Mr Sajwan is a serial entrepreneur with interests in healthcare infrastructure, consumer staples, internet media and network technology. His background includes pioneering work in Ethernet, Frame Relay and ATM. He founded 3 startups in Silicon Valley, California, each with multi-billion dollar exits and his technical contributions have become the basis of products at Intel, Cisco, Mindspeed, Avago. He has investments in pharmaceutical companies, healthcare silicon devices, water management systems and various other startups. Mr Sajwan currently serves as a board member on all Renew Group affiliates, Smart Utility Systems, 8KPC and New York University (NYU/Poly). He obtained his M.S.E.E. from Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn (New York). Mr Sajwan enjoys mentoring entrepreneurs and is involved in many charitable entities.